WATCH: Orthodox Jews show solidarity with BLM protestors, get mobbed

Orthodox Jews who were showing solidarity with demonstrators in Philadelphia were harassed until they were forced to leave.

A group of Orthodox Jews who said they were showing solidarity with demonstrators in Philadelphia were harassed by protestors, who shoved them and shouted anti-Semitic hate at them until they were forced to leave. "Get off our block!" Protestors yelled.

Black Lives Matter militants confronted a trio of Jewish men who came in solidarity Tuesday to a protest in the wake of Walter Wallace Jr.'s fatal shooting by Philadelphia police. Protestors said to the group, "…you know we are the real Jews right?"

Protestors encircled the Jewish men, who stood out in the crowd because of the yarmulkes they wore. One of the protestors yelled "Y'all gotta go!" Another protestor screamed at the Jews "This ain't y'all fight, y'all gotta go!"

One of the Jewish men said "…we're just showing solidarity." A protestor replied: "We don't need no solidarity!"

Another protestor screamed at the Jewish men that "y'all startin' s**t!" Others in the crowd joined in and hollered of "get the f*** outta here!" The Jewish men walked away. One masked protestor didn't think they were leaving quickly enough, and shoves one of the Jewish men backward.

The initiating protestor seemed versed in scripture and called the Jews "Amalek." The nation of Amalek appears in the book of Exodus and was the first nation to attack the Jewish people after their storied Exodus from Egypt, specifically attacking women, children and elderly. They are the archetypal enemy of the Jews.

The same protestor is heard at the end of the clip making reference to Revelations 2:9 and "…the synagogue of Satan." The verse reads, "I know your afflictions and your poverty, yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan."

Anti-Semitism has been part of the BLM protests in the US and globally. On Sunday, Antifa militants attacked Jewish pro-Trump supporters and pro-police demonstrators in New York.

Antifa can be seen vandalizing "Jews for Trump" vehicles with red paint, and attacking drivers.

The BLM movement has a well documented history of anti Semitism and often holds anti Israel protests as part of anti police demonstrations. Jewish businesses have been targeted in riots in cities across the country.