Toronto police offering $75,000 for information on man who shot two young girls

Police are still searching for a suspect involved in a daytime shooting in Scarborough that left two young girls injured over two years ago.

Police are still searching for a suspect involved in a daytime shooting in Scarborough that left two young girls injured over two years ago, according to CP24.

The shooting took place on June 14, 2018, while two young girls, sisters, aged five and nine, were playing on a playground close to McCowan Road and McNicoll Avenue along with almost a dozen other children. Investigators believe the gunshots were fired with the intention of striking a man who was at the playground with his daughter. The two young sisters were both struck by stray bullets during the shooting.

They both survived although they had to be rushed to hospital to be treated.

Following the incident, two men were arrested in connection with the shooting however a third suspect, whom police have identified as T'Quan Robertson, remains on the loose.

Robertson is wanted for attempted murder, discharging a firearm with intent and two counts of aggravated assault. Anyone with information leading to the arrest of Robertson could receive a reward of up to $75,000, that number is up from $50,000 last year. The money is being offered by Crime Stoppers in partnership with the Bolo program (Be On Lookout). The award can be claimed anonymously.

"We are hoping that by adding more money to the reward that somebody might decide that it is now worth their while to make that call," said Inspector Jim Gotell. "Mr. Robertson has been on the run for two years now but we are going to catch him sooner or later."

"The Toronto police is not looking for witnesses and we are not looking for evidence to help us with this investigation. Our case is concluded and we are ready to go trial," he added. "What we need is to know where Mr. Robertson is."

Inspector Gotell also warned anyone who may be helping Robertson hide is also going to face charges. "To the family, friends, and associates of T’Quan Robertson, if you are helping him, know this. The Toronto police will arrest and charge you with being an accessory after the fact. We've done this already in relation to this case."

"We were very close to catching him on a couple of occasions," said Gotell. "We believe that Mr. Robertson is dangerous and we want to take this offender off the streets." Gotell noted that police believe that Robertson is still living in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Bolo program will be making and distributing posters, billboards, and even face masks. that feature the image of Robertson on them to make him more recognizable to the public.

“If you’re helping him, do the right thing, because you will get charged with aiding a criminal,” said Stacey King on Monday, the mother of the two girls who were shot. “You know what he did to innocent children that didn’t have to be shot.”

King said that her two daughters are “traumatized” by the shooting and her youngest daughter continues to have nightmares about the event.

“You turned my whole life upside down, my children’s lives upside down, they will never be the same, my family will never be the same,” said King. “You need to turn yourself in and do what you need to do.”