NBA star Jonathan Isaac to publish Daily Wire book on refusal to kneel during national anthem

"In a time where our country needs men and women willing to stand for freedom of thought, personal medical decisions, and biblical values, courage could not be more paramount," Isaac said.

NBA star Jonathan Isaac will publish a book with the Daily Wire's publishing division on his decision to stand for the national anthem in July 2020 while all the other players kneeled for Black Lives Matter, the Daily Wire announced Monday.

Isaac's first book, titled Why I Stand—to be published with the Nashville-based conservative media company’s imprint DW Books—will illustrate why the Orlando Magic power forward refused to fall in line with the masses and take a knee on July 31, 2020, during a league-wide Black Lives Matter demonstration of kneeling in solidarity against racial injustice and police brutality.

During the consecutive summer 2020 riots, numerous players and teams embraced the BLM movement, donning slogans on their shoes, and signaling other messages of support on NBA floors and jerseys for the left-wing cause. Kneeling was one of the key BLM protests at the time across sporting events. Isaac opted not to and was the first to continue standing for the "Star-Spangled Banner."

"This book is the story of how my experiences and faith have shaped who I am and my perspective on the world," Isaac said in a Daily Wire press release, obtained by The Post Millennial, announcing the partnership. "In a time where our country needs men and women willing to stand for freedom of thought, personal medical decisions, and biblical values, courage could not be more paramount."

Isaac's story will narrate how, through a series of "divine connections and unwavering faith," the lone NBA player who remained on his feet that fateful day found strength to stand for his beliefs in the face of unprecedented pressure demanding he bow down to the mob, the press release reads.

The athlete offers "a playbook" for fostering courage in a divided world. Isaac, an outspoken Christian, will voice how his "insecurity-driven life transformed into one of confidence and purpose," according to the book's description. He invites readers to follow his journey of personal growth from "struggling with overwhelming fear and insecurity to being willing to face the world."

"We're honored to have Jonathan Isaac join us as one of DW Book's first authors. His faith in God, love of country, and personal courage have already inspired millions of Americans and we cannot wait to share his story with our members and the rest of the world," stated Daily Wire co-founder and conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro. Shapiro later described Isaac as "an amazing person with an incredible story" on Twitter.

In a promotional video posted by the Daily Wire to social media, Isaac expressed that the pivotal moment was "very hectic," but he had peace knowing that the cause is dear to his heart. "I knew that, to me, Jesus was the answer for everything that we see in the world," Isaac said in the clip advertising the book's upcoming release. "And I decided to stand on it. Not everybody agreed with it."

"Courage does not mean the absence of fear,” Isaac said in the Daily Wire video. "And in today's day, there are so many things that you can be afraid of facing because of believing what you believe or deciding to stand for what you believe in."

Isaac revealed that others in the NBA followed the crowd's marching orders out of peer pressure, fearing accusations of being against the BLM movement.

"But I rejected that notion," Isaac said, adding: "I feel like to kneel and wear [the] Black Lives Matter t-shirt don't go hand in hand with the support of black lives."

"This is the story of why I choose to stand," Isaac declared, concluding. "I hope it inspires others to do the same." Isaac's book Why I Stand will go on sale in May 2022, available in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats.