Here are the top five Trump coronavirus press conference moments

While the press conferences do have a serious tone, the president has had some hilarious moments while at the podium.

President Donald Trump has been a busy man since the coronavirus outbreak, and while some criticize 45's initial response to the virus, the United States leads the world in number of tests done, in total.

With the US now the epicentre of the virus, Trump has been doing daily press conferences from the White House, as many politicians have done globally. While the press conferences do have a serious tone, the president has had some hilarious moments while at the podium. And although the president may have many enemies, it's tough to not admit that he's very, very funny.

'Because it came from China'

In mid-March, some debate came around as to whether or not calling the virus "the Chinese virus" was racist. Trump was adamantly throwing the term around, while media pundits and cable news lost their minds.

Trump's labeling of the virus as "Chinese" comes from the virus, obviously, originating in China. And the labelling came at a time that the Chinese Communist Party had launched propaganda campaigns to remove blame from themselves, and instead point to the US as the primary player in the virus.

So when a reporter asked why Trump was calling the virus a "Chinese virus," Trump had a very straight-forward response: "Because it came from China.

Trump says he will 'look into' pardoning Joe Exotic

With Netflix's documentary Tiger King capturing the attention of the world amidst the boredom of many around the globe stuck in isolation, Trump was asked about whether or not he had heard about the interesting case of Joe Exotic.

Exotic, who was sentenced to 22 years for allegedly hiring a hitman for $3,000 to kill rival zoo owner Carole Baskins, had announced that he was asking Trump for a pardon.

While Trump didn't say whether or not he'd be releasing Exotic, he did say he would "look into it," giving a glimmer of hope to the flamboyant former zoo owner and former Oklahoma congressional candidate.

'Uh-oh': Trump runs from podium when doctor says she had fever

The coronavirus is, as we all know, very contagious, and can present itself in a number of symptoms. The most common is fever, which is present in about 80 percent of COVID-19 cases.

So when top US doctor Birx said she had contracted a "low-grade fever," Trump was quick to move away from the podium, audibly letting out an "uh-oh."  

'Are you working for China?'

The president has made clear on several occasions that he isn't a huge fan of the Chinese Communist Party and their regime. He especially isn't a fan of propaganda from the Chinese, who as previously mentioned, have attempted to take the blame off of themselves for the global pandemic.

When Trump was asked by a Phoenix Hong Kong Television reporter about the virus, Trump swiftly stopped her in her tracks, and asked who she worked for.

The reporter clarified that she worked for Phoenix TV, a privately-owned Hong Kong based network that was not owned by the Chinese. Phoenix is one of the few privately owned networks in China. But as it turns out, the network is partially owned by the state.

Not just that, but Liu Changle, CEO and founder of Phoenix TV, was a journalist for the Communist Party of China-controlled China National Radio after the Cultural Revolution and had become one of China's richest men by the 1990s, being well-connected to the Beijing leadership.

'What are the oil prices?'

Trump was about to be asked about oil, but the president seem to have an impressive BS detector.

When called upon, the journalist said he was "checking up on the oil today," the president asked him what the price of oil was.

The journalist actually didn't know the price of oil, leading to the president dismissing him and moving along to another journalist.

"How can you ask a question when you don't know the price?"