Washington DC

EXCLUSIVE: Suspect filmed beating Trump supporters in DC is a journalism student

The Post Millennial has identified a Black Lives Matter protester and journalist filmed assaulting Trump-supporters after the “Million MAGA March” on Saturday in Washington, DC

WATCH: Trump supporter on bicycle assaulted by Antifa rioters in Washington DC

A member of the crowd shoves the man off his bike, followed by other demonstrators kicking him and dumping liquids on him.

WATCH: Antifa ‘medic’ assaults young Trump supporter

One of the Trump supporters can be seen crying for help.

BREAKING: Antifa mob assaults Trump supporters including children in Washington DC

Footage depicts a small girl assaulted.

BREAKING: Trump meets supporters at Million Maga March in motorcade

As thousands of Trump supporters gathered in DC Saturday to protest voter fraud and support the president in his continuing efforts to secure the 2020 election, they were treated to an appearance from Trump himself.

DC Mayor breaks with her own travel restrictions to celebrate with Biden in Delaware

The trip, which comes as the mayor discourages interstate travel because of spikes of cases in the surrounding area, prompted criticism from residents and questions from reporters.

Antifa group: Liberals celebrating Biden win 'a bunch of f***ing fools'

The group has been identified as the "They/Them Collective."

Four Trump supporters stabbed in Washington, DC

The woman and three men reported that those who stabbed them were affiliated with the BLM protests that were happening in Washington, DC on election night.

Female Trump supporter attacked, hospitalized following altercation with Women's March activists in DC

A female Trump supporter was allegedly attacked and hospitalized by Women’s March and Black Lives Matter activists after she participated in a pro-Trump rally on Saturday in Washington D.C.

Antifa militant in DC charged for assaulting OANN's Jack Posobiec

An accused Antifa "ringleader" in Washington, D.C., has been charged for assaulting journalist Jack Posobiec at a Black Lives Matter protest in June.

WATCH: Antifa blocked from DC mayor’s house, targets her neighbors instead

Protestors gathered outside the home of Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser to protest the shooting of Deon Kay in Washington, DC on Wednesday night.

Body camera footage shows Deon Kay was brandishing a gun when shot by DC police

Newly-released body camera footage reveals that the 18-year-old who was killed Wednesday in an officer-involved shooting in Washington, D.C. was holding a gun in his hand.

BREAKING: Trump looks to defund New York, other 'anarchist cities'

In these cities, negligence by city officials combined with decimated police budgets and lockdown measures has led to lawlessness and riots.

Report commissioned by DC mayor lists Washington monument as candidate to be renamed over 'problematic' namesake

Questions about the monuments that were posed to evaluate whether or not they were problematic included: “Did the person contribute positively to African Americans and other people of color?”

WATCH: BLM activists harass and berate diners at DC restaurants

In what appears to be a growing trend, activists mobbed patrons at outdoor restaurants again in Washington, DC last night, demanding they join the protest.