Social Justice

Students at elite college strike over social justice demands

(Photo: Swarthmore Phoenix) Student activists at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania staged a strike last week, refusing to take part in class until a list of demands was met.

The saviours of critical thinking turn back on their ideals because they fear Trump's impact

Where does it leave us when intellectuals such as Pinker and Haidt the very people who taught us critical thinking, forsake it themselves?

Seattle libraries implement racial segregation in the name of social justice

The King County library in Washington State have been holding "separate but equal" training sessions for their employees, all in the name of social justice.

NBA will stop pushing BLM message on the court after ratings plummet

The NBA, amid suffering from record lows in their ratings, has agreed to leave all the recent social justice messages "off the floor" starting with the next season.

Electronic Arts teams up with the ADL to enforce social justice in gaming

These organizations take ordinary behavior online, say its endemic examples of the far-right, and then advocate that they must gain control of video games to stop it.

Woke Princeton president complains his institution is 'racist'—turns out discrimination is illegal and now their federal funding is at risk

The US Department of Education informed the school that if it was actually discriminatory it would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subject to a loss of federal funding.

Celebrities and activists call for JK Rowling's books to be burned

who would take to burning Rowling's books are also missing that her new book, which few who condemn it have actually read, is neither transphobic nor about a trans person.

NFL ratings plummet for season opener—fans boo players' moment of silence for social justice

Fans did not have a good response to the NFL season opener last night, and it’s showing in the ratings. This last ratings dip puts the NFL and NBC at a ten year low.

Shocking footage of the bizarre training sessions Trump just banned goes viral on social media

Shocking footage of a critical race theory training session—the kind of training recently banned by Trump for federal employees—has re-emerged on social media over the weekend.

Trump’s ban on critical race theory training is a great first step in the war against indoctrination

Trump’s executive order is an essential first step in what must become a nationwide rebuke of critical race theory and social justice indoctrination.

EXCLUSIVE: Seattle schools force racist and misogynist training on teachers and administrators

According to anonymous sources that were present at the training, topics of discussion for the program were: Intersectionality, Racial Stress and Healing Centered Engagement among others.

WATCH: Social justice priest preaches from the pulpit

In a response structure that appears to be modelled on the baptismal promise, the good father asked the congregants "Do you support racial justice, equity and compassion in human relations?"

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL JUSTICE: FBI now holding weekly 'intersectionality' workshops

The matter encourages agents to "recognize intersectionality" by understanding peoples intersectionality, "expanding" ones "circle" by being more inclusive in their networks.

Bookstore accidentally includes Titania McGrath's book 'WOKE' in social justice display, then quickly removes book from store

Bronco Bookstore in Pomona, Cali. included the satirical, anti-SJW book Woke in their display of authentic social justice works, before realizing it was satire and quickly removing it from the store.

School district demands that parents not observe remote learning classroom

Parents in Tennessee were surprised to receive a letter home instructing them not to observe their children's virtual lessons.