Are protests getting more violent? | Cancel This

Matthew Miller describes his experience reporting from inside the recent protests in D.C. and the violence he witnessed.

BLM activist filmed sucker-punching man is a child sex offender recently released from prison

A Black Lives Matter activist and registered child sex offender was arrested for allegedly sucker-punching a man and leaving him bloody in the streets after the “Million MAGA March” in the capital on Saturday.

Antifa vandalize Democrats HQ at Portland anti-Biden protest

A marauding gang of Antifa black bloc militants in Portland vandalized the local Democrat Party headquarters at a violent anti-Joe Biden protest on Sunday.

‘Traveling protester’ among those arrested at post-election Portland Antifa riot

The Oregon National Guard was activated the day after the election when a marauding mob of militant Antifa smashed up businesses, property and a church in downtown Portland.

Police intercept Portland Antifa before they could burn down occupied apartment building

On the eve of Election Day, a crowd of militant Antifa smashed buildings at Portland State University and took steps to set a cafe on fire that was connected to a large occupied apartment building.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania governor calls violent Philadelphia riots ‘peaceful protests’

Tuesday night saw 11 shootings in Philadelphia, among them an 18-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl, both of whom are in stable condition at a local hospital.

First suspect charged over assault of a deputized Portland Police officer

A teen Black Lives Matter activist is the first to be federally charged with assaulting a cross-deputized officer in Portland.

WATCH: Walter Wallace's father calls for an end to 'violence and chaos'

"The people who are doing that are setting a bad example. They aren’t helping me and my family—they’re showing disrespect. They’re making it look like we’re animals and we’re not."

15 year-old girl shot, journalist assaulted amid looting and rioting in Philadelphia

A 15 year-old-girl and an 18 year-old-man were shot Tuesday night in Philadelphia, while rioting, looting, and civil unrest continued after the police shooting of Walter Wallace on Monday.

BREAKING: National Guard mobilized amid Philadelphia riots

The National Guard is being mobilized amid the riots and civil unrest that have rocked Philadelphia since Monday night after the shooting death of Walter Wallace at the hands of police.

From the Army to Antifa: Ex-private accused by feds of throwing explosive at Portland riot

An ex-Army private has been federally charged for allegedly throwing an explosive mortar at law enforcement during a night of violent rioting in Portland in September.

Riots and looting break out in Philadelphia—30 officers injured, 12 hospitalized

Riots broke out in Philadelphia after police shot a man armed with a knife who refused to disarm and advanced toward them.

Radical-leftist group prepares for riots in the event of a Trump win

An organization of violent activists who seek to overthrow the government have posted an online guide that outlines a plan to shut down the country and force President Donald Trump from power.

Portland Antifa insurgent federally charged after local DA dropped assault charges

An Antifa insurgent accused of assaulting police officers and stealing property from a federal courthouse at violent protests in Portland has been federally charged after his local felony assault charges were dropped by the district attorney.

Realtor and son of former Democrat lawmaker charged over Antifa firebombings and assault

Danielle Elizabeth McMillan and Jacob Bennet Greenburg are accused of carrying out a firebomb attack on Seattle Police in Antifa riots.