Four men identified in Portland child sex trafficking investigation

Jeffrey Nichols, Malik Owens, Isaac Zapata and Josiah Carmona have been named for the first time in relation to an ongoing child sex trafficking investigation in Portland.

Violent Portland Antifa ID’d as 35-year-old trans woman

Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly known as Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, is a 35-year-old Portland-based transsexual Antifa militant with a history of extremism.

Antifa vandalize over two-dozen businesses in Portland for 'Trans Remembrance Day'

In the latest evolution of Antifa rioting tactics in Portland, a publicly announced downtown protest on Friday night was actually a decoy for the real planned riot in another part of the city.

Portland city commissioner blames Lyft incident on 'white supremacists'

After Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty called the cops on a Lyft driver over a dispute about an open window, the "Defund the Police" councilwoman pulled the race card in her recent defense.

Bio-cleaning business targeted in political attack by Antifa in Portland

Last night, a group of Antifa extremists vandalized a bio-cleaning business in Portland as part of a string of targeted attacks on property since Election Day.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler removes gendered language from city charter in the name of inclusivity

Portland would follow the steps of other cities, like Philadelphia, and Tulsa, in removing gendered references from their charters.

Antifa vandalize Democrats HQ at Portland anti-Biden protest

A marauding gang of Antifa black bloc militants in Portland vandalized the local Democrat Party headquarters at a violent anti-Joe Biden protest on Sunday.

Antifa rioters trash church in downtown Portland

Rioters in the downtown area did severe damage to a Catholic church in downtown Portland. The church, St. Andre Bassette, was recognized for its outreach to the needy and the homeless.

‘Traveling protester’ among those arrested at post-election Portland Antifa riot

The Oregon National Guard was activated the day after the election when a marauding mob of militant Antifa smashed up businesses, property and a church in downtown Portland.

90 percent of protest-related cases in Portland dropped by DA's office

Nearly 1,000 protesters have been arrested in connection to the Portland riots, but the overwhelming majority will likely never be prosecuted by the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office.

Antifa terrorize Portland residents, business owners on Election Night: 'Whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable'

Regardless of who is the presidential elect, leftist militants who have continually wreaked havoc on Portland have outlined their objective: the real enemy is the United States.

Police intercept Portland Antifa before they could burn down occupied apartment building

On the eve of Election Day, a crowd of militant Antifa smashed buildings at Portland State University and took steps to set a cafe on fire that was connected to a large occupied apartment building.

From the Army to Antifa: Ex-private accused by feds of throwing explosive at Portland riot

An ex-Army private has been federally charged for allegedly throwing an explosive mortar at law enforcement during a night of violent rioting in Portland in September.

Minneapolis BLM protester faces federal felony riot-related charge in Portland

A Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protester has been federally charged by authorities in Oregon after he travelled to Portland to allegedly participate in a violent Antifa riot.

Coronavirus-infected protester gave out food at Portland Antifa popsicle party

Militant Antifa activists in Portland are expressing concern after the partner of one of their comrades who attended Antifa protests and social events this week tested positive for COVID-19.