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WATCH: Daughter manipulates dying father into voting for Biden

A TikToker shared a "special moment" with her dying father in which she emotionally manipulates him into voting for Biden.

Why Trump could see a bounce out of the last debate

Trump emerged slightly as the frontrunner of the last presidential debate before the election Nov. 3.

Why Ontarians should care about oil, gas and Alberta: 68,000 jobs

All politics and economies may be local, but local businesses and jobs are always affected by the money flowing in from elsewhere.

The Manitoba government is playing 'Roussin Roulette' with our most vulnerable

I’m asking Dr. Roussin to follow the WHO’s advice and end the lockdowns. If Dr. Roussin doesn’t believe in a focused approach, we need to know why.

After Toobin scandal, Buzzfeed tries to normalize workplace Zoom masturbation

Following the ZOOM DICK fiasco that trended on Twitter, Buzzfeed defended Jeffrey "Zoomin" Toobin's virtual workplace masturbation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vancouver wants to remove free parking for veterans because of climate change

This is the same City staff which spent $300,000 on designer chairs, during the pandemic.

Joe Biden is dead wrong on Hungary and Poland

If the Democrats are serious about not harming our alliances they should levy their criticisms with care.

O'Toole gets tough on China while Trudeau shows gutless cowardice

O’Toole is showing strong leadership with his tough response, as he makes it clear that Canada won’t be threatened and pushed around.

Former labour secretary calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission to punish Trump supporters

Clinton's former Secretary of Labour Robert Reich has called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission once Joe Biden wins the presidential election, and for a blacklist of Trump supporters.

Booker reveals absurdity of nomination hearings as he hammers ACB over racism

Booker behaved even more emotional and uptight than normal, repeatedly asking Barrett specific questions about policy or hypothetical cases she had thus far refused to answer the two days prior.

Gad Saad on his new book, The Parasitic Mind — CancelThis

Dr. Gad Saad sits down for a discussion on his new book, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas are Killing Common Sense.

'Sexual preference' is not an offensive term to the LGBT community

Let's start out with something very clear and painfully obvious, the term "sexual preference" is in no way now, nor has it ever been offensive or a homophobic dog whistle or used to harm LGBT people.

Klobuchar's bizarre rant reveals Barrett's impeccable qualifications

Klobuchar, like most of the Democrat Senators, spent the bulk of her time doing what most people would call "ranting" about the Affordable Healthcare Act and voting rights.

'1619 Project' founder loses her mind after valid criticism of her project by her colleague

When faced with building criticism of the "1619 Project," coming from both within her own newspaper, the White House, and beyond, creator Nikole Hannah-Jones lost her mind.

President Trump slams Drudge Report, shouts out Bongino Report

The Drudge Report "sold out" to left-wing propaganda, President Donald Trump declared in a fiery tweet, congratulating conservative news overlord Dan Bongino on his success having "decimated the business" at his left-aligned adversary.