News Analysis

WATCH: Bill Maher is alarmed at number of children identifying as trans

"It's a blow being struck in the culture wars, using children as cannon fodder."

WATCH: CNN SLAMS Biden administration for baby formula failure

"How do we get to the point where the United States of America has to airlift baby formula from another country in order to feed its children?"

WATCH: Russell Brand slams Joe Biden for focusing on 'disinformation' while American babies starve

"We’ve got two problems," Brand said, mocking the Biden administration. "One, babies are starving. Two, people are saying all sorts of crazy stuff that I disagree with on the internet."

Dan Bongino calls Clinton's Russia collusion hoax the 'biggest political scandal in modern history'

"We spent millions and millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours and occupied America's time for four years with a ridiculous, nonsense theory," said Bongino.

REVEALED: Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference went far beyond trans wellness

In another presentation open to minors, trans activist Chase Ross demonstrated the myriad "packers" females can insert in their pants to create a "bulge."

Elon Musk calls out the Clinton campaign's 'elaborate hoax about Trump and Russia'

"Bet most people still don't know that a Clinton campaign lawyer, using campaign funds, created an elaborate hoax about Trump and Russia. Makes you wonder what else is fake," he said.

WATCH: Jack Posobiec analyzes the demise of the Ministry of Truth

"If you dig down into the Washington Post, who do they blame? Jack Posobiec."

US guidance counselors association advocates for schools to keep students' gender transition secret from parents

The ASCA backs the creation of Gender and Sexuality Alliance programs, which many say do little more than groom students into a trans or non-binary identity.

WATCH: Charlie Kirk says red states need to secede from the WHO

The Global Pandemic Treaty would allow the World Health Organization to dictate how nations respond to a global pandemic.

POSOBIEC: The WHO's 'Pandemic Treaty' is a threat to American values

"They can dictate how our doctors can respond, what drugs can and can't be used, or which vaccines are approved."

Seattle school announces '10 day' return to masking to 'stop the spread'

"They’ve cancelled most events yet are still going ahead with the superintendent’s in-person retirement party on 6/16."

Disney releases children's Pride collection, will donate profits to 'trans' kids advocacy groups

Disney’s website boasts the Disney Pride Collection, with rainbow backpacks, sippy cups, and toddler t-shirts.

WATCH: Ottawa police say they never asked Trudeau Liberals to invoke Emergencies Act

Liberal minister Marco Mendicino said on February 28 that the Trudeau government was "acting on the advice of law enforcement members."

WATCH: Posobiec says it's 'absolutely chilling' FISA warrant was used to spy on Trump camp

"We now know that that lie was used to start a FISA warrant on a sitting member of the political opposition. This is something that should be absolutely chilling to you," said Posobiec.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson calls Chuck Schumer a 'coward' for demanding Fox censor him then refusing to go on his show to discuss it

Schumer blames Fox News, and Tucker Carlson, for the actions of an 18-year-old gunman who committed a racially-motivated mass murder in Buffalo, NY over the weekend.