Election 2020

PA state senator to introduce resolution to appoint Electoral College delegates

He noted that the power to appoint delegates is meant as a means of making sure that the people "are not disenfranchised" against "corruption" in a state's election process.

Two-thirds of Americans back Trump's recount efforts: poll

More than two-thirds of Americans polled said that asking for a recount in key states in the elections that took place on November 3rd is fair.

Dead people voted in razor-thin upstate NY election: county attorney

In upstate New York, a very close congressional race has yet to be called, and now a County Attorney is alleging that she has found evidence of dead people voting.

BREAKING: Pennsylvania election certification process blocked by federal judge

On Wednesday, a Pennsylvania judge has ordered officials to stop the certification process for the recent election for that state, pending a hearing on Friday.

Biden vote count hits historic high of 80 million

A record 80 million plus people have voted for presidential candidate Joe Biden, making him the candidate in history to receive the most votes for president.

Trump campaign backs Georgia governor's request for absentee-ballot signature audit

Just two days after the hand recount of Georgia's general election ballots was completed, Gov. Brian Kemp asked his Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to perform a sample audit to check signatures.

Dominion and Smartmatic agreement of non-competition revealed

The two voting tech companies Dominion and Smartmatic, it has been revealed, have previously signed an non-competition agreement between the two of them, despite perception to the contrary.

FLASHBACK: John Oliver SLAMS voting machines, agreeing with Trump just last year

"We can fix this, and we must fix this. Because it is critically important for people to have confidence in our voting machines."

BOMBSHELL: Klobuchar and Warren wrote letters criticizing Dominion & other voting tech a year ago

Ex-presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, both Democratic senators, wrote letters in December of 2019 where they critiqued the integrity of election tech vendors, and questioned the reliability of their products.

I regret to inform you: half of America hates you

The left has unveiled their true feelings about the electorate—numbering nearly 70 million people—who voted for Trump, under the guise of concern and understanding: Don’t buy it. It’s a farce.

Michigan top Republicans invited to meet with Trump over election results

US President Donald Trump has invited two top Michigan Republican lawmakers to meet with him at the White House on Friday.

Wisconsin Republican commissioners stand up for transparency in fighting for Wisconsin recounts

Bob Spindell, a seemingly mild-mannered but diligent conservative man who was one of six at the Wisconsin emergency meeting to shore up the manual as to how a recount would be done in his state.

Wayne County GOP election board members rescind votes to certify, claim Dems threatened their families

The two Republican members on Wayne County's board of canvassers signed affidavits Wednesday alleging that they were bullied and misled into approving the election results.

Trump campaign requests recount in Wisconsin

US President Donald Trump's campaign has reportedly paid the sum of $3 million USD for a recount of two counties in Wisconsin, which they considered had the "worst irregularities".

Leftists who can't fathom minority Trump voters are the real racists

White liberals and leftists who find themselves derogating the demographic they have hash tagged to death are the racists who via critical theory, have given themselves permission to express it.