Four men identified in Portland child sex trafficking investigation

Jeffrey Nichols, Malik Owens, Isaac Zapata and Josiah Carmona have been named for the first time in relation to an ongoing child sex trafficking investigation in Portland.

Violent Portland Antifa ID’d as 35-year-old trans woman

Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly known as Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, is a 35-year-old Portland-based transsexual Antifa militant with a history of extremism.

Food cans and cheeseburgers: Drug smugglers’ latest ploys

German authorities make two cocaine busts in unexpected places.

LAPD cuts sexual assault and robbery homicide divisions amid 'Defund the Police' mania

The Sexual Assault Special Section, Robbery Homicide Division, will be disbanded under the LAPD in Los Angeles.

BREAKING: Fredericton shooter who killed four in 2018 found 'not criminally responsible'

Matthew Raymond, the man who killed four people in Fredericton back in 2018 has been found not criminally responsible by the jury due to his mental health conditions

Ontario police vet of 28 years dead after being shot during investigation

28-year veteran of the OPP Const. Marc Hovingh succumbed to his injuries sustained after a shooting in Gore Bay, Ontario yesterday.

Wisconsin BLM leader arrested following rape investigation

A prominent Black Lives Matter leader in Milwaukee, Wisc. has been arrested on suspicion of rape following a sex crime investigation.

Manslaughter conviction upheld for Calgary grandfather who killed grandson

Perdomo Lopez now plans to have his nine-year jail sentence appealed, now that he's dealt with the conviction appeal.

Toronto police arrest alleged getaway driver from homicide that claimed life of 12-year-old boy

Police have arrested an alleged getaway driver that was involved in three homicides, including one that claimed the life of 12-year-old bystander, Dante Andreatta Marroquin.

EXCLUSIVE: Suspect filmed beating Trump supporters in DC is a journalism student

The Post Millennial has identified a Black Lives Matter protester and journalist filmed assaulting Trump-supporters after the “Million MAGA March” on Saturday in Washington, DC

BLM activist filmed sucker-punching man is a child sex offender recently released from prison

A Black Lives Matter activist and registered child sex offender was arrested for allegedly sucker-punching a man and leaving him bloody in the streets after the “Million MAGA March” in the capital on Saturday.

FBI plan to arrest Epstein in 2007 was overruled

The Justice Department is conducting further and deeper investigation into the Jeffrey Epstein case to find out why prosecution against him, mounted by the FBI in 2007, was stopped in its tracks.

Bio-cleaning business targeted in political attack by Antifa in Portland

Last night, a group of Antifa extremists vandalized a bio-cleaning business in Portland as part of a string of targeted attacks on property since Election Day.

Ontario man allegedly drugged date's drink then fled when confronted

A 51-year-old man is facing charges after having fled a Mississauga restaurant once a waitress spotted him trying to drug his date's drink.

Police searching for mother and 3-year-old daughter who disappeared from Surrey, BC

The RCMP has gone public to ask for help in finding a missing woman who disappeared along with her three-year-old daughter on November 6th.