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Defiant NY Governor Cuomo calls Supreme Court decision 'irrelevant'

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State said on Thursday that a recent Supreme Court decision ruling against his restrictions on houses of worship was "irrelevant".

Ford government asks people to celebrate holidays with household only

The government of Ontario is asking its residents to not have people over for the holidays at any time, no matter what the actual legal situation is where they live.

WATCH: Restaurant owner who defied lockdown orders SLAMS biased establishment media

"We'll be open until they drag me out of here," said Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly on Tuesday.

WATCH: Trump supporter charged with simple assault for breathing

Raymond Deskins, 61, was handed the misdemeanor charge after a cell phone video of the incident was posted on social media.

China pushes for global COVID-19 QR code for contact tracing

Chinese President Xi Jinping is urging other nations to adopt a contact tracing system that uses QR codes to track travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Michelle Rempel Garner BLASTS Trudeau for saying lockdown is good for businesses

“The prime minister suggested businesses were better off because of lockdown,” Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner stated before the parliamentary health committee.

Ontario breaks COVID-19 case record for second time in three days

Of the new recorded cases, 336 were in Toronto while 535 were in Peel.

Violating COVID-19 rules means $5,000 per day fines for some Ontario businesses

Businesses in the York region that do not follow rules imposed to flatten the curve of COVID-19 could be fined $5000 a day,

Doug Ford hires retired Canadian Armed Forces General to run COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Between January and March of 2021, it is expected that the Ontario government will be able to distribute 2.4 million vaccine doses to 1.2 million people

Halifax house party ends in $1,000 fine

The bust was praised by Halifax City Councillor Waye Mason, who says that the neighbour who called the police "did the right thing" but that issuing a single ticket to the host "is insufficient."

Restrictive German 'Infection Law' results in mass protests and arrests

The addition of the newly-passed law will create broad wiggle room for the government to take the actions against the public to protect the public if needed.

NYC hotels ordered to pay $500 million to employees who lost work during COVID-19

New York City hotel owners have to pay $500 million to employees who lost work because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

BREAKING: Trudeau calls 'Great Reset' a conspiracy theory despite advocating for it

Trudeau said that the country was "really at risk of seeing case loads go up and hospitals get overwhelmed, and more loved ones dying."

Michigan restaurants sue Gov. Whitmer to halt closures

A trade group composed of Michigan restauranteurs is making a last-ditch effort to stop Governor Gretchen Whitmer's new lockdown measures.

Mother of student with disability slams school’s mask rules

School officials deny teen girl was denied access for not wearing face covering.