BLM organizer says Biden took advantage of their movement

The lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Dr. Melina Abdullah, accused Joe Biden of capitalizing of the movement's efforts to defund law enforcement.

BLM demands that Biden support 'roadmap for prison abolition'

The political activist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) is pressuring the Democratic party to back the BREATH Act, which contains "a roadmap for prison abolition."

Wisconsin BLM leader arrested following rape investigation

A prominent Black Lives Matter leader in Milwaukee, Wisc. has been arrested on suspicion of rape following a sex crime investigation.

EXCLUSIVE: Suspect filmed beating Trump supporters in DC is a journalism student

The Post Millennial has identified a Black Lives Matter protester and journalist filmed assaulting Trump-supporters after the “Million MAGA March” on Saturday in Washington, DC

BLM activist filmed sucker-punching man is a child sex offender recently released from prison

A Black Lives Matter activist and registered child sex offender was arrested for allegedly sucker-punching a man and leaving him bloody in the streets after the “Million MAGA March” in the capital on Saturday.

Biden must disavow violent attacks on Trump supporters

If Biden can't manage to lead his supporters, how can anyone expect him to lead the country?

WATCH: Trump supporter on bicycle assaulted by Antifa rioters in Washington DC

A member of the crowd shoves the man off his bike, followed by other demonstrators kicking him and dumping liquids on him.

Seattle BLM activist arrested for arson and burglary

A 21-year-old BLM activist was arrested for arson and burglary, after she broke into seven homes in the affluent Leschi neighborhood of Seattle and attempted to light them on fire.

HYPOCRISY: Justin Trudeau joins mass protests against police, but forbids Canadians from honouring veterans on Remembrance Day

The sad truth is that demonizing the men and women who keep our country safe carries more political capital than honouring them.

McCloskey's sue over photo of them defending their St. Louis home

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are personal injury lawyers in their 60s, filed a lawsuit against Bill Greenblatt, a photographer at United Press International.

WATCH: Diners give black power salute as BLM protestors march

In Ann Arbor, Mich., BLM protestors marched through the streets while patrons at outdoor restaurants cheered them on, and raised their fists in a black power salute.

Antifa group: Liberals celebrating Biden win 'a bunch of f***ing fools'

The group has been identified as the "They/Them Collective."

WATCH: NYPD officers take insults from protestors, respond with 'you're so brave!'

I asked a drug dealer on a bike at the corner of Houston and MacDougal if he'd seen the where the protestors had gone, and he said "Biden won, what are they protesting?"

WATCH: Orthodox Jews show solidarity with BLM protestors, get mobbed

Orthodox Jews who were showing solidarity with demonstrators in Philadelphia were harassed until they were forced to leave.

First suspect charged over assault of a deputized Portland Police officer

A teen Black Lives Matter activist is the first to be federally charged with assaulting a cross-deputized officer in Portland.