Prominent Canadian Antifa leader arrested in Toronto

A prominent Canadian Antifa leader who was previously wanted by the police for “agitating a Six Nations land dispute” has been arrested in Toronto, Ontario.

Violent Portland Antifa ID’d as 35-year-old trans woman

Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly known as Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, is a 35-year-old Portland-based transsexual Antifa militant with a history of extremism.

US Attorney's Office in DC refuses to investigate attack on Rand Paul

"The DC U.S. Attorney today confirmed to me that they will not pursue an investigation of who is funding the thugs who attacked my wife and me and sent a DC police officer to the hospital," Senator Paul's tweet reads.

Antifa vandalize over two-dozen businesses in Portland for 'Trans Remembrance Day'

In the latest evolution of Antifa rioting tactics in Portland, a publicly announced downtown protest on Friday night was actually a decoy for the real planned riot in another part of the city.

‘Imma shoot them’: Journalist arrested over threat to kill Republicans

A left-wing journalist and Black Lives Matter activist was arrested after she threatened to shoot several prominent Florida Republican politicians on Twitter.

WATCH: Antifa rioter claims he was stabbed, has nothing to show for it

According to the interviewee, he was stabbed by a large knife in his stomach, but he tore the knife out.

Biden must disavow violent attacks on Trump supporters

If Biden can't manage to lead his supporters, how can anyone expect him to lead the country?

WATCH: White woman in Black Lives Matter shirt attacks black Trump supporter and her young children

Violence littered the the streets following the "Million Maga March" in DC on Saturday.

WATCH: Antifa ‘medic’ assaults young Trump supporter

One of the Trump supporters can be seen crying for help.

BREAKING: Antifa mob assaults Trump supporters including children in Washington DC

Footage depicts a small girl assaulted.

Bio-cleaning business targeted in political attack by Antifa in Portland

Last night, a group of Antifa extremists vandalized a bio-cleaning business in Portland as part of a string of targeted attacks on property since Election Day.

Antifa vandalize Democrats HQ at Portland anti-Biden protest

A marauding gang of Antifa black bloc militants in Portland vandalized the local Democrat Party headquarters at a violent anti-Joe Biden protest on Sunday.

Antifa group: Liberals celebrating Biden win 'a bunch of f***ing fools'

The group has been identified as the "They/Them Collective."

WATCH: Antifa attacks Trump supporters in Olympia, Washington

Antifa assaulted a number of Trump supporters in Olympia, Washington.

Antifa rioters trash church in downtown Portland

Rioters in the downtown area did severe damage to a Catholic church in downtown Portland. The church, St. Andre Bassette, was recognized for its outreach to the needy and the homeless.