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'Corruption, chaos, and cover-ups': Scheer calls out Trudeau's 'disgusting' attempt to mask his corruption

"At a time when Canadians are looking for stability and leadership, Justin Trudeau has given them corruption, chaos, and cover-ups," wrote Scheer.

Poilievre introduces motion to suspend Trudeau's pay until he returns to work

Poilievre has submitted a motion to the Finance Committee that would suspend Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pay until he returns to work.

Trudeau skips Scheer's last day as Opposition Leader in House, repeating election night snub

Rather than make-do with the large number of days he has off, Trudeau is even skipping the rare sitting days, staying on vacation as the House returns.

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Trudeau takes a big hit in polls amid WE Charity scandal

Despite the dip in popularity, Canadians as a whole are generally satisfied with the pandemic's handling, as 74 percent of respondents remain satisfied with the federal government

BREAKING: Andrew Scheer calls for Trudeau’s resignation

Many prominent conservatives have also been calling for the resignation of the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, for his alleged involvement in the We Charity scandal

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WATCH: Andrew Scheer takes Trudeau to task over WE Charity scandal

Prime Minister Trudeau and Andrew Scheer engaged in a heated exchange over the controversial WE Charity contract during a question period on Tuesday.

BREAKING: Scheer requests emergency debate on Trudeau-WE scandal

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will request an emergency debate on the prime minister's WE scandal in the House of Commons today.

Fresh off the WE corruption scandal, Justin Trudeau takes a personal day

Despite the historic occasion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has chosen to take a personal day.

BREAKING: Scheer SHREDS Trudeau for taking personal day during WE Charity scandal, avoiding House of Commons

Scheer highlighted the poor decisions made by the Trudeau government with their wage subsidy plan, calling on the government to make measures simpler that also incentivize work.

Andrew Scheer claps back at reporter pressing him on breaking face mask rule

Andrew Scheer fought back on Wednesday when a reporter asked why he had no mask on while walking through the airport a day earlier.

BREAKING: Trudeau Liberals hit $1.06 TRILLION debt after most costly pandemic plan in G7

Canada's unemployment rate sits at a startling 13.7 percent—putting it in the company of famously flaccid economies like Spain and Greece.

CBC attacks Scheer for breaking lockdown rules, gives Trudeau a free pass three times

Those who claim that the CBC holds an anti-tory bias have received more ammunition today after the public broadcaster ran a thinly-disguised hit piece

Scheer proposes 'back to work bonus,' says Trudeau's system discourages employees from returning to work

Scheer criticized Parliament's decision to allow tax filers who earn up to $1,000 a month to qualify for benefits, noting that it was unfair to businesses who are seeking employees.

Trudeau Liberals extend Parliamentary shut down until September

The Liberal government's plan to suspend regular parliamentary sittings until September has been approved, sparking outrage from Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois.

WATCH: Scheer ROASTS Trudeau over China admiration

When Scheer set his sights on China, he made sure to mention that Trudeau had previously expressed admiration for China's "basic dictatorship."