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Seattle activists march and vandalize stores in solidarity with rioters and looters in Minnesota

Activists marching through downtown Seattle Monday night vandalized multiple businesses following an officer involved fatal shooting of Duante Wright in Minnesota Sunday.

Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis rocked by second consecutive night of looting and riots

Rioters looted nearby businesses including Target and Boost Mobile. A Dollar Tree was also looted and set on fire.

Officer involved in fatal shooting of Duante Wright identified

"She’s just a very dedicated, passionate, good person. It’s completely devastating. In a very tense moment, she made a mistake. It’s not her character."

WATCH: Bystander SLAMS CNN live on air during Minneapolis riot for their 'media sh*t'

A man called out CNN reporter Sara Sidner live on air Monday night during a riot in Minneapolis, accusing the network of making the situation worse.

Brooklyn Center city manager fired after calling for due process for police officer involved in shooting

Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was fired on Monday, after publicly disagreeing with Mayor Mike Elliott’s statement that the police officer who fatally shot Duante Wright should be terminated immediately.

Will Smith moves Emancipation filming out of Georgia over voting laws

The actor and the movie’s director Antoine Fuqua both supported the boycott that takes business out of the state.

CNN claims of Rep. Matt Gaetz begging Trump for pardon and/or meeting fall apart

CNN's anonymous "reliable sources" aren't holding up to scrutiny against the words of spokespeople for both former President Trump and Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Rep. Tlaib calls for an end to policing following Daunte Wright shooting in Minnesota

Tlaib described the killing as a “murder” in an apparent call to end due process, as well.

MLB, NBA, and NHL postpone Twin Cities area games out of rioting concerns

Although the terminology used by each of the professional sports teamed varied in their public statements.

'Pyramid shaped' UFO craft spotted by US Navy

The Pentagon confirmed the footage was taken by them. But they couldn’t explain what it was the military saw.

Federal employees who will care for migrant children will get four month paid leave: Biden admin

The Biden administration has offered thousands of federal employees four months of paid leave if they are willing to help take care of migrant children in shelters across the country.

Stanford University sends email to students blaming Trump for mass shootings

An email sent out to Stanford University students from a group of administrators and faculty blamed Donald Trump for the recent spate of violent incidents against people of Asian descent.

Texas migrant detention facility EXPANDS in size in under two weeks

Project Veritas aerial surveillance footage shows the Donna, Texas migrant detention facility had massive growth.

BREAKING: School shooting in Tennessee leaves multiple injured including one police officer

The details of this shooting are shaky, however, both the police and the school's leadership have confirmed that the scene has been secured.

BREAKING: Biden calls for a 'full investigation' into Daunte Wright shooting

On Monday, Biden called for a "full-blown investigation" into the fatal officer-involved shooting of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis, which happened on Sunday evening.