Biden must disavow violent attacks on Trump supporters

If Biden can't manage to lead his supporters, how can anyone expect him to lead the country?

Where is Joe Biden? He's not out in Washington, DC condemning the violence his supporters have unleashed on supporters of the president. He's not calling for unity among the clashing protests. He's not out there at BLM plaza telling white women in BLM shirts not to threaten and assault a black mom and her kids who were marching for Trump. He's not helping up an old man who was forced from his bicycle and attacked and taunted in the street by Biden supporters.

Biden's not doing anything to distance himself from his race-baiting supporters who took it upon themselves to crash a pro-Trump march in DC. But he must.

Biden must disavow the violent attacks on Trump supporters in Washington, and across the country. He and his campaign have called upon Trump to disavow white supremacists, and Trump has done so dozens of times. Joe Biden touts his intentions for unity, but he, Kamala Harris, and their leftist minions have run cover for the protestors and rioters all summer. Now, they are giving their tacit approval to their supporters who are enacting retribution on conservatives and Trump voters who dare to make their views known.

Despite Biden's weak, milquetoast calls for unity, there have been none forthcoming from his party. Instead, there have been blacklists, threats, and promises to hold those in the Trump administration, and their supporters, accountable for the past four years of lawful governance. Trump, whose achievements in Middle East peace are nothing short of stunningly remarkable, has been likened to Nazi's. His supporters have been called white supremacists, despite there being many black, Hispanic, and minority Americans among their ranks.

Biden and his campaign have demanded access to the highest levels of government from their made-up "office of the president-elect" but they have done nothing to lead. A leader does not make demands for office space, but goes to where the people are, speaks to them, listens, and takes action. A leader does not give tacit approval to violence against women and children and pretend it's not happening.

Biden has said that Antifa is nothing more than an idea, but that idea beat up a bunch of Trump supporters in Washington last night. Harris took up marching along with the protestors this summer, showing that she is a much better follower than a leader. The two have noted the "peaceful protests," citing data that showed that much of the protesting since May 25 has been peaceful—yet they have made no move to condemn those who are not.

Instead, supporters of Biden and Harris, who have taken to making good on their threats of violence, get a wink and a nod from the pair of senators who are waiting to be given admission to the White House. But if they cannot lead the people from their current perch, if they cannot condemn the sour actions of their supporters, and instead insist that these people who badger, assault, threaten, taunt, and attack are peaceful, what sort of unification can we expect from their administration?

In refusing to open his mouth and say "Now look, folks, stop beating up the people that support the other guy," Biden is showing us exactly what kind of leader he will be. Biden will be a leader who takes his cues from the mob, gives consent to those who commit violence so long as it serves to cow his opposition, and cares more about his own status that guiding the nation toward confederation.

Or, he can come out and say something. Biden must condemn the violence taking place in his name. He must speak out against his supporters who harm others over political divisions. He must decry the ongoing hatred of Trump supporters, and the vilification by his supporters of anyone with whom they disagree. Biden has demanded the same of Trump, and Trump has delivered his condemnation of white supremacy. Biden's refusal to disavow the violence of his supporters indicates instead that he supports it.

If Biden can't manage to lead his supporters, how can anyone expect him to lead the country?