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Jack Posobiec launches daily show for Human Events and TPUSA, skyrockets to #1 on Apple podcast charts

Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec is now live, and though it only launched this week, it has rocketed to the top of the podcast charts.

WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon urges shunning, segregation of unvaccinated Americans

"The people who are not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet, instead of science, it's time to start shaming them what else— or leave them behind," Lemon said.

WATCH: Nicki Minaj asks 'what in the world scared y'all so much that it made you disable my f*cking Twitter?'

"You can't speak the fear of the mob attacking you! If that doesn't give you chills... You should be able to ask questions about anything you're putting inside your body."

BREAKING: Media presses Pentagon on General Milley's 'secret' phone calls with China

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby took questions from reporters on Wednesday, who were primarily interested in allegations that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley undermined President Trump's authority when he served under that administration.

FLASHBACK: General Milley rants about how China is 'not an enemy'

"China is not an enemy," Milley said in his capacity as Chief of Staff for the United States Army, "I think that's important for people to clearly understand."

BREAKING: White House defends General Milley after revelations he undermined Trump by speaking to Chinese counterpart

"The outgoing President... during this period of time, fomented unrest leading to an insurrection and an attack on our nation's capital on January 6," Psaki said in defense of Milley's actions.

Biden to press more US companies to put vaccine mandates in place

The White House announced the meeting at a press briefing on Wednesday, and said that "the requirements will help sustain our economic recovery."

Fauci hailed as 'sexiest man alive' by The Guardian

The Guardian has dubbed Dr. Anthony Fauci "The sexiest man alive." They touted an upcoming documentary about Fauci, called, simply, Fauci, as they issued their praise for the octogenarian.

BREAKING: Biden to announce 3-way pact on intelligence sharing with UK, Australia

The three-way pact will be known as AAUKUS. It will be announced in a speech to the nation on Wednesday at 5 pm.

BREAKING: Milley undermined Trump, told China he would warn them if US would attack

Milley is reported to have called a "secret meeting" at the Pentagon on January 8 and told staff that unless he was involved, they were not to take orders from anyone.

BREAKING: Josh Hawley calls for resignation of Biden’s secretaries of state, defense

"I will not consent to the nomination of any nominee for the Department of Defense, or for the Department of State until Secretary Austin and Secretary Blinken and Jake Sullivan resign," Sen. Josh Hawley said.

Rich elites go maskless, promote 'social justice,' while the servant class must wear masks at Met Gala

A 2-year-old must wear a mask, but AOC and additional glitterati were dressed to the nines and face-mask-free at the annual Met Gala.

WATCH: Fauci says plan to require proof of vaccination for domestic travel 'is on the table'

"I and I believe that the idea about requiring vaccination for travel is something that is on the table for discussion. It has not been decided yet," Fauci said.

BREAKING: Sec of State Blinken confirms there are still Americans stranded in Afghanistan

"We're in constant contact with American citizens still in Afghanistan who have told us they wish to leave," Blinken told Congress.

FEC determines that Twitter did not 'coordinate' with Biden campaign in suppressing Hunter Biden bombshell

The Times, calling the Hunter Biden bombshell "unsubstantiated," said that the FEC ruled that Twitter had a commercial reason for suppressing the story, and not a political one.